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Needs Assessment Survey Questionnaire

For MSc in Biostatistics Curriculum Development

Dear Respondent,

We would highly appreciate your kind cooperation to respond to this questionnaire that assesses need for master’s program in Biostatistics at Haramaya University.Your cooperation will help us to identify the knowledge, skills and attitude gap related to the specific program. Your valuable response is highly appreciable and constructive in the curriculum development.

Thank you in advance!

10) Do you think that there is sufficient number of Biostatistics professionals in your organization?

11) Do you think that qualified Biostatistics professionals are in demand in your organization?

12) Do you think that the graduates of Biostatistics could easily get job in Ethiopia?

13) Based on your experience, is launching of Biostatistics program timely and feasible?

For the following qustions, Check all that apply

14) If your answer is yes for Q.10, through which level?

For only organization representatives (Q.No. 15, 16 and 17)

15) If you are representing an organization, do you have access to get Biostatistician in the market?

16) If a master’s program is started at Haramaya University, do you send your staff for professional development in Biostatistics?

17) Currently, how many Biostatistics professional your organization demand?

18) If a master’s level course for Biostatistics is developed, what would be the optimal delivery mode for graduate courses?

Of the following, rank the list of skills, knowledge, or abilities most needed by Biostatistics practitioners

19) Design and conduct of clinical trials

20) Advanced Statistical methodologies

21) Research Skills in biomedical Sciences and public health

22) Collaboration skills

23) Communication Skills

24) Problem solving/critical thinking skills

25) Statistical software skills

26) What do you think some of the possible challenges in launching and running of this program in the Department of Statistics of Haramaya University?

27) What opportunities could be opened up to local community and the country at large if this program is launched?

28) Please indicate any additional comments on specific skills/competencies that are necessary but were missing from the table above